Why Are We Celebrating Homosexuals?

(This post was inspired by Dr. Ressurrection Graves’ post entitled “Five Reasons Christian Support Same-Sex Marriage.”)

1 Cor 6_19 rev

Why are we celebrating homosexuality? Why is it now news worthy to commend those who are openly homosexual and rebellious against God? What makes sexual perversion and ungodliness worthy of celebrity status? Why is it now considered righteous to be accepting and tolerant of unrighteousness? Why does sexual immorality need its own parade? Why does homosexuality need to be recognized as a civil right?

Do murderers need to be made celebrities for admitting that they are murders?

Do thieves need to be rewarded with understanding and tolerance for stealing?

Do child molesters and rapists need civil rights to protect their immoral practices?

Do those who openly rebel against God without repentance deserve the reward of Heaven?

Then why do homosexuals deserve any of these things?

Why are the vast majority of Christians silent in the face of brazen homosexuality? What are they afraid of?

1 Corinthians 6_18

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