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"Love Lives In Our Hearts Forever"


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    Along the Golden Streets,
    A stranger walks tonight,
    With wonder in her heart
    Faith bloomed into sight.

    She walks and stops and stares,
    And walks and stops again,
    Vistas of loveliness,
    Beyond the dreams of men.

    She who was feeble, weak
    And shackled in her bed,
    Now climbs eternal hills,
    With light and easy tread—

    She has escaped at last the cruel
    Clutch of pain
    Her lips shall never taste its
    Bitter cup again.

    Oh! Never call her dead,
    This cheerful one who is free.
    Whose daily portion is delight
    And eternal ecstasy!

    She bows in speechless joy,
    Before the feet of Him,
    Whom seeing not, she loved,
    While yet her sight was dim.

    Along the Golden Streets,
    No stranger walks today,
    But one, who long homesick,
    Is Home at last to stay.

  2. Angel’s Wings,
    Tosha had strength That couldn’t be bought
    While others would whimper, She stayed strong and fought.
    Her spirits high, her voice so soft and low
    If she was suffering, Nobody would know.
    Well years passed, And minutes flew
    Her time was getting shorter, As her love for life grew.
    Well one day, God asked her To go get her wings And join him in paradise Doing heavenly things.
    Her friends would all miss her, her family, too.
    That charisma, that smile Making each day new
    Everyday I wake up And I pray to her loud,
    “Lexi babe, I hope You’re having fun In the clouds.”

    I miss you Tosha your friend marie

  3. It’s said there is a wondrous place
    Where all the angels dwell
    A place far beyond our vision
    A place where beauty fell.

    I’ve heard it said the angels fly
    Throughout this place all day
    and if you stop and listen
    You can hear the harps they play.

    I’ve never seen an angel
    I’ve never seen one fly
    But I just know somehow they’re watching
    From a majestic place up high.

    I have heard it said they’re always with us
    though some days we seem to fail
    but when we reach out to touch a heart..
    we truly walk where angels dwell.

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