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Praise the Lord Everyone! Welcome to The O.W. Prince Ministries Web Blog.

I serve as Pastor of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith and Associate Pastor of Faith Deliverance Temple Church, Mayesville, South Carolina.  I have founded several ministries and work tirelessly at teaching and preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God.  I am the Chairman of the Executive Council of Churches and Chief Editor of the online Newsletter, The Master’s Table Newsletter.  I conduct a regular weekday Bible Scholar Question and Answer Group on WordPress and personally responds to every prayer request.

I am a published author, and literary activist – advocating for moral integrity, unity and the Rediscovering of Biblical Christianity. Some of my writings have been published by such local and regional newspapers as The Item, The State, The Florence Morning News, The Augusta Chronicle and The Charlotte Observer. My first book was released in 2004 by Publish America Publishers, Baltimore, Maryland.

I regularly write and publish devotionals, commentaries, sermons and prayers .  I have been writing and publishing  newsletter for over 20 years.

My prophetic theme is inspired from my personal life-long battles with discrimination, racism, disease, poverty, pain and death and is taken from Psalm 34:19.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous; But the LORD delivers him out of them all.”

Life Hurts but God Heals!”


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  1. We wanted to say thank you for following our blog! And for nominating us for the Versatile Blogger Award as well. It’s a blessing to know we’ve inspired you and we hope to write and encourage all who drop by. Thanks again and God Bless you!

    Rebecca and Ma Chris

  2. I am an author, too! Don’t you love it when the Lord anoints you to write? It’s the most awesome thing! My first book in my upcoming trilogy will be available in a few months. Be sure and check out my Who Is page on Lyn Leahz. My first book was published through Pulish America as well! God bless you! I have read some of your works and was blessed by them.

  3. Thank you for your kindness and generosity and prayers.

    My journey has gotten over whelming. I need to know what God wants me to do next.

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