You Must Be Born Again Part 2

Pastoral Commentary

According to the New Testament writings and the witness of the Apostles of Christ, all believers in the gospel message of Jesus Christ were baptized in water in His name.

Many have cheapened and deluded the significance and meaning of water baptism in the Christian Church through doctrines of demons, theologies, philosophies and denominationalism.

Baptism in the first century Church of Jesus Christ has a much more significant meaning than it does in many of today’s Christian churches. The early Christian church understood faith, the gift of the Spirit, and water baptism in Jesus’ name as One continuous Unified Salvation Experience. (1 John 5:8)  if any one of these components were absent then salvation was also absent.  

In Acts 10, when Peter is preaching Christ to the Gentiles in Cornelius’ house, in the middle of his message, the Holy Spirit came upon them for he heard then speak in tongue and immediately Peter “commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord” (v. 48). In Acts 8, when Philip preaches to the Ethiopian eunuch, the Ethiopian believed and immediately asked Philip if he could be baptized (v. 36). In Acts 16, Lydia and her whole household were saved and on that same day they were baptized (v. 15). The point is that when people believed in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, they were immediately baptized in the name of Jesus Christ as a continuous unified salvation experience. For the first century believers and the Apostles of Christ, it was unthinkable, even inconceivable, that a person would believe in Jesus yet not be baptized with water in His name as instructed by the Lord.

If you are a believer and are not baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, Repent! Don’t live in disobedience any longer. Believe and obey, and get baptized today!

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Born Again Part 2

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