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Praise The LORD Everyone.

Please read all question carefully and try to answer only what is asked. Thank you.  

Hi, I am Bishop O.W. Prince and I am the Founder and Administrator of the Bible Scholars Group.  And I am excited about what the Lord is doing and saying to us through this kingdom ministry.  I would like to invite you and your friends to join the  The O.W. Prince Ministries.

I hope to have fun challenging religious myths, exposing theological lies, illuminating truth, expanding our Bible knowledge and answering some of our deepest concerns about salvation. 

Join The Bible Scholars for an illuminating and fun Christian experience. 

God Bless and Keep Looking up!


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Remember that this for “Fun,” growth and Christian enlightenment.  So let’s keep it clean and none confrontational.

It should be exciting to see and to read all of the answers that some of the questions may generate.  I predict that we all will be the richer for the experience.

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4 responses

  1. Calvary greetings to you and your family in
    the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My
    name is Anthony Okechukwu I’m a great fan
    of you. I love what you do and I pray for
    more grace of God in your life and the life of
    your family
    Pleas I have a question is it Lawful for
    to get married to his or ha cousin the
    relationship is very distant (we share thesame
    great-grandparent i.e my grandmother and her
    grandfather are siblings which makes her father
    and my father 1st cousins and both of us 2nd
    cousins) pleas I
    need a clear answer to this question
    there are examples of people that were
    married from their family . Eleazar’s
    married first cousins, as they were
    instructed( I
    Chronicles 23:22). also the daughters of
    Zelophehad in numbers 36:6 downware See below
    Forbidden Marriages Scripture
    Between parents and children -Leviticus
    Between stepparents and stepchildren-
    Leviticus 18:8, 17
    With your paternal or maternal aunt-
    With your uncle or aunt -Leviticus 18:14
    Between brother and sister and half-brother
    and half-sister-Leviticus 18:9
    Between stepbrothers and stepsisters-
    With your daughter-in-law -Leviticus 18:15
    With your sister-in-law -Leviticus 18:16
    With your granddaughter -Leviticus 18:10
    With your step-granddaughter -Leviticus
    However, it’s important to remember that
    many laws do condemn this type of
    and Christians are commanded to “Submit
    yourselves to every ordinance of man for
    Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as
    supreme; Or unto governors, as unto them
    are sent by him for the punishment of
    evildoers, and for the praise of them that do
    well. For so is the will of God, that with well
    doing ye may put to silence the ignorance
    foolish men” (1 Peter 2:13-15, See also
    13:1-2). Pleas give biblical evidence of your
    Thanks sir

    • You seem to have a good scriptural understanding already my friend. I defer to your local civil laws. I recommend that you consult your local Pastor or nearest church. Thanks for following this blog and may the LORD guide and direct you.

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