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Do Not Waste My Time

Dont Waste Time OWPMIN 3

I said,
“I will watch my ways so that I do not sin with my tongue.
I will bridle my mouth while wicked people are in my presence.”
2 I remained totally speechless.
I kept silent, although it did me no good.
While I was deep in thought, my pain grew worse.

3 My heart burned like a fire flaring up within me.

Then I spoke with my tongue:
4 “Teach me, O Lord, about the end of my life.
Teach me about the number of days I have left
so that I may know how temporary my life is.
5 Indeed, you have made the length of my days only a few inches.
My life span is nothing compared to yours.
Certainly, everyone alive is like a whisper in the wind.
6 Each person who walks around is like a shadow.
They are busy for no reason.
They accumulate riches without knowing who will get them.”

7 And now, Lord, what am I waiting for?
My hope is in you!
8 Rescue me from all my rebellious acts.
Do not disgrace me in front of godless fools…

12 Listen to my prayer, O Lord.
Open your ear to my cry for help.
Do not be deaf to my tears.

(Psalms 39:1-8, 12)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.