Humble scripture

The problem with some believers is that we feel that we are somehow entitled to the things of GOD after we have been forgiven by God through Christ.

However, true repentance doesn’t look for nor expects to prosper after offending THE ALMIGHTY YHVH and being forgiven by YHVH. True repentance looks to make amends in offering his body as a reasonable sacrifice unto the LORD who Saved his dying Soul.  True repentance recognizes his crime, confesses his transgression and with shame and HUMILITY, begs for mercy and forgiveness.  True repentance is distraught and disgusted at his own vile sinful nature and recognizes his eternal indebtedness to GOD.

It is only because of YHVH’S Inexhaustible LOVE and Tender Mercies Toward Us That We Are Even Allowed To Live, Move and Have Being.  It is only because of GOD’S GRACE that we are experiencing this day.

Regardless of what the false prophets preach and despite the fairy tales and occult nature of the supernatural gospels and in spite of the glamor, glitter and gold of the spirit of opulence and prosperity seed-faith gospels, Please Remain Humble my Friends and…


Ref: Lamentations 3:22-24, Psalm 51:17, Acts 17:28 and Romans 12:1-2

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Here I am. Send Me!

Ezekiel 33-7

Have you demonstrated evidence of having been called into the Ministry of the Kingdom of God?

Do you already serve as a minister but have not been licensed or ordained?

Is ministry something that you would do without anybody asking or paying you?

Do you feel the overwhelming urge to teach and preach God’s Eternal Word!

Do you have a burden for the souls and suffering of others?

Are you born-again according to the commands of God?

Are you tired of the political and denominational hypocrisy and bigotry that often accompanies the prerequisites for Ministerial Licenses and Ordinations in traditional churches ?


The Narrow Way

Many serious, born-again, God-called and sent preachers have had to compromise their calling in order to be apart of a mainstream denomination or Church organization. They have had to choose between being successful and accepted by a traditional denomination or following the less traveled and unpopular road of their original calling. Needless to say, worldly success and monetary considerations seduced many away from the Narrow Path. (Matthew 7:13-14)


Do You Want The Freedom and Independence To Preach and Teach The Unadulterated Word of God as The Holy Spirit May Direct You Without the Restraints of Denominational Doctrines or Theological Dogmas?

Do you have the strength of character and the integrity of heart to hold fast to your calling? If you do, the O.W. Prince Ministries may be able to show you how to become a fully licensed and/or ordained independent minister within the State of South Carolina without compromising the genuine call of God on your life.

This is not a gimmick. This is not a trick. I sincerely desire to help those who are serious about ministry and want to get started today.

But before I license or ordain you, I must first examine you. (1 John 4:1)

The examination begins when you click on the picture below.

May God Bless You and Direct You In All That You Do and Say!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.