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Faith without obedience 1

Does going to church make you a child of God?

No! Devils attend church services too and many are pastors and church officers too.

Does praising GOD make you a saint of GOD?

No! Every tongue – good and evil – shall confess that Jesus Christ is LORD.

Does believing in GOD and CHRIST make you a follower of CHRIST?

No! Demons believe and know that there is only ONE GOD but they follow Satan.

Does confessing Christ with your mouth and believing in your heart make you born again?

No! Confession without genuine repentance is a lie. And belief without corresponding obedience is wishful thinking.

There is only ONE authentic God-authorized WAY to be born again and that is to surrender to GOD and TRUST and OBEY ALL of GOD’S ETERNAL COMMANDMENTS IN CHRIST, including HIS Command to Be Born of the Water and of the Spirit.

chose life deuteronomy 30 19 witness

To learn the TRUTH of how the Blood of Christ is applied to our sin for our Salvation, please contact me to schedule a personally taught lesson on salvation.

Holy Spirit Acts 19

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THIS IS TRUTH MINISTRY with Bishop O.W. Prince / “Why God Rejects Your Worship, Your Holy Days and Your Offerings”


21 “I hate, I utterly loathe your festivals;
I take no pleasure in your solemn assemblies.
22 If you offer me burnt offerings and grain offerings,
I will not accept them;
nor will I consider the peace offerings
of your stall-fed cattle.
23 Spare me the noise of your songs!
I don’t want to hear the strumming of your lutes!

Amos 5:21-23 (CJB)


In today’s culture of tolerance and acceptance, the Christian Faith is portrayed as a religion that accepts anything and anyone just as they are.  But the prophet Amos tells us something totally different.

I recommend that you read the book of Amos and ask the Holy Spirit for revelation into its message for us today.

The initial revelation that was shared with me out of the Book of Amos is this:

“You cannot worship God or give a gift or an offering while being disrespectful, offensive, confrontational, argumentative and disobedient. Your offering is as offensive as you are and both you and your gift will be rejected.” (O.W. Prince)



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Sabbath Keep Commands 1-john-5-3

Good Sabbath Morning to Everybody.

Yahweh is to be Praised and Worshiped in the authority and name of His Son the Holy Messiah Yeshua.

All Praise and Glory Belongs To THE FATHER!

On This Final Sabbath Day of 2014, I would like to share a page from my blog demonstrating the “Eternal Mark (sign)” of the Blood bought Covenant People of God. God calls this sign (Mark) perpetual which means everlasting and uninterrupted.

It is not a visible mark on the body as some may conjecture but a mark on the soul, heart and mind that God can see. It is evidenced by the way we think about keeping God’s Eternal Commandment – whether we disobey them as obsolete or pervert (twist) them into doctrines of demons or believe, trust and obey them as absolute commands of God.

I will admit that this study is a little involved and requires a born again transformed mind and a humble and submissive spirit that hungers to please God and imitate Christ as opposed to fitting into religious norms.

Darkness cannot comprehend this Light.

I realize that some folks would rather hold on to a comfortable lie than face the TRUTH. TRUTH may require them to repent and change and it may separate them from people, things and traditions that they love.

We all have to make a change. We all have to decide who we love the most – God or man, Truth or tradition.

When the doctors told me that I will never be able to eat the same way again or do the things I love to do the way I love to do them, it was hard and disheartening. But in the final analysis the decision to live or die was up to me. I chose to live and by so doing I chose to change and do those things that were prescribed for me to do so that I may have life and have it as full as possible.

At the end of this lesson you will have a decision to make. I pray that you choose to please God.

May The Holy Spirit of God Open Your Eyes, Your Hearts and Your Minds To The Hidden Truths Of God’s Eternal Commandments and Living WORD and Draw You Out of Religious Darkness, Deceit and Confusion into HIS ONE CLEAR TRUTH and Marvelous LIGHT! May You Receive The Eternal Mark Of God. amen.

Please click on the picture below to open the lesson and begin your journey into authentic Christianity.


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No One Understands Us Like God


Sometimes all you need is for someone to really understand and appreciate what you are dealing with and the struggles you have had to overcome and are overcoming everyday. You don’t want their money or their praises. You just want their understanding.


Sometimes friends don’t understand what you are going through.

Sometimes family members are oblivious to your grief, inner sufferings and pains.

Sometimes your pastor cannot relate to what you are struggling with.

Sometimes your spouse doesn’t understand you.

The only one who really understands us is the One who made us – Jesus Christ. And He upholds us by His Word of Power. (Hebrews 1:1-4)

There is not a friend like Jesus!  He knows all about struggles and He will comfort and guide ‘till the day is done. Jesus is our only true friend.  Amen! Amen!!

God Understands!

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The Master's Table

Here is a divine lesson that I’ve learned over the years and was recently reminded of.

Nothing works unless God allows it to work. Nothing man-made functions as it is designed and purposed to function without first being empowered by The FATHER to do so.

Therefore, do not trust in things, vehicles, money, medicines, doctors, hospitals, lawyers, law enforcement officers, family or friends. And especially don’t put your trust in the government. But trust in the LORD. It is He Who Is Faithful In All Things and It Is He Who Causes All Things To Work, Function, Perform, Act And Behave For Our Good; To Bring About An Expected End In Our Favor.

If Anything Is Going To Work, It Is Going To Work By God’s Permission And In His Plan And Order For Our Lives.

So That No One Gets It Twisted, I’ll Make It Simple and Plain.

There is no such thing as “Letting God have control.”  He Is In Control ALREADY! Period! We can willingly go where he leads us or we can go fighting but we will go.  In addition, nothing that we plan or create or imagine will work without God’s permission.

All Glory, Praise, Honor, Recognition and Credit Belongs To God The FATHER in the name of Christ The LORD.

Wisdom faith Have Faith



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Trust in the Lord Prov3 5_6

After a very hurtful experience with a close family member, I came to the painful conclusion that “I can’t truly love someone who I can’t trust.“

I know that some of you will disagree with that statement and you maybe be right. After all, love is an emotion that we can feel towards folks that we don’t necessary trust.

However, is that really the full measure of what love is? Is that the only type of love that we are capable of as human beings?  Is our love always to be limited to degrees of variations?  Is this the type of love that God desires from us toward Him?

I say, “No!”

When we were children we loved with an all trusting love and that love was good.

We trusted wholeheartedly in our parents.  We trusted our parents with our lives and depended upon them for shelter, clothes, guidance, emotional support, education, protection and sustenance or else we wouldn’t have survived. Our very lives and wellbeing were in their hands. We were oblivious of the dangers around us but they were always vigilant, watchful and protective of us. We learned that what our parents told us was the truth and that we could trust their instructions. We had genuine trust in our parents and/or guardians.

The Bible commands us to have a similar type trust in GOD.   It says,“That we are to become as little children or we can’t enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 18:3)


We are to love Father God with a childlike love; with all our heart, with all our strength, with all our mind, with all our soul and with all of our trust – totally trusting in Him for our lives, happiness and security.

We are to entrust our very lives and well being into His hands and be oblivious (unafraid) of the dangers around us – always trusting that Father is always with us, always vigilant, always watchful and protective of us and well able to keep that which is entrusted into His care. We ought to trust what Father God says is the Truth. And because we love (trust) Him we therefore obey His Word.

When we trust God like a child, our Heavenly Father is pleased and the gates to the Kingdom of God are opened to us.

I pray that our love for God grows as we learn to trust Him more and more with all of our being like a child trusts in their Father.

All Glory and Honor Belongs To God in the name of The Holy Messiah.


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This Is TRUTH Ministry with Bishop O.W. Prince

TRUTH Lion-of-Truth

Isaiah 1:10-17 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

10 Hear what Adonai says,
you rulers of S’dom!
Listen to God’s Torah,
you people of ‘Amora!

11 “Why are all those sacrifices
offered to me?” asks Adonai.
“I’m fed up with burnt offerings of rams
and the fat of fattened animals!
I get no pleasure from the blood
of bulls, lambs and goats!
12 Yes, you come to appear in my presence;
but who asked you to do this,
to trample through my courtyards?
13 Stop bringing worthless grain offerings!
They are like disgusting incense to me!
Rosh-Hodesh, Shabbat, calling convocations —
I can’t stand evil together with your assemblies!
14 Everything in me hates your Rosh-Hodesh
and your festivals;
they are a burden to me —
I’m tired of putting up with them!

15 “When you spread out your hands,
I will hide my eyes from you;
no matter how much you pray,
I won’t be listening;
because your hands are covered with blood.

16 “Wash yourselves clean!
Get your evil deeds out of my sight!
Stop doing evil, 17 learn to do good!
Seek justice, relieve the oppressed,
defend orphans, plead for the widow.


Acts 2:37-39 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

37 On hearing this, they were stung in their hearts; and they said to Kefa and the other emissaries, “Brothers, what should we do?” 38 Kefa answered them, “Turn from sin, return to God, and each of you be immersed on the authority of Yeshua the Messiah into forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Ruach HaKodesh! 39 For the promise is for you, for your children, and for those far away — as many as Adonai our God may call!”

Repent and Baptized

“The offering acceptable to God is not money or things but total and selfless obedience to His Eternal Word.” ~ Bishop O.W. Prince

For You do not delight in sacrifice, otherwise I would give it; You are not pleased with burnt offering. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; A broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.
(Psalm 51:17)

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Are You Like Christ?

Christ Like

It has been said that to be a Christian we must be Christ-like. And there are many people who consider themselves to be Christian. However, when we look at ourselves and our actions, do we resemble Christ?

Are You Like Christ?

Jesus was born for the purpose of obeying the Father even to the point of ridicule, torture and death.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus invested himself in others repeatedly without consideration for fame, fortune or celebrity.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus went out of his way to evangelize the undesirables and he risked the stigma of being a social misfit and a religious heretic in order to reach the oppressed, broken, discarded and downtrodden souls.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus demonstrated righteous indignation and holy boldness toward the corrupt and greedy money changers that operated in His Father’s House. He turned over their tables and expelled them from the temple.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus did not conform to the popular religious system but identified their leaders as a perverted, poisonous, hypocritical and deceitful brood of vipers.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus did not seek credentials or approval from the religious system.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus did not identify with any religious Faith institution nor did He adopt their ways or encourage His Apostles and Disciples to adopt the ways of any religious institution.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus felt and demonstrated compassion on the poor, the sick, the widows and children.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus did not think himself too glorious to bend down and wash the feet of those whom he loved.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus did not hold a grudge against Peter for denying him but saw his contrition and restored him.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus never gathered wealth for himself nor taught his disciple how to gain worldly prosperity.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus never engaged in homosexuality, sexual perversions or lewd and vulgar language and behavior.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus did not practice overindulgence, intoxication or drunkenness.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus was not focused on carnal beauty, physical enhancements or outward adornments.  

Are you like Christ?

Jesus obeyed The Father and kept all of His Commandments – not breaking one of them – not even the Seventh-Day Sabbath.

Are you like Christ?

Jesus never sought the glory, prestige, honor or position of ecclesiastical titles. 

Are you like Christ?

Jesus was buried in a watery grave by baptism and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Are you like Christ?

The Father said that Jesus was His beloved Son in whom He was well pleased.

Are you like Christ?

2 Corinthians 3_18

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A Crumb From The Master’s Table

The Master's Table


Jesus says, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” (John 14:15)


You can not say that you love the Lord and do not obey His Commandments.

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