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America has rejected GOD, HIS Holiness, HIS COMMANDMENTS and HIS LAWS.

America has rejected GOD out of their schools.

America has rejected GOD out of their courtrooms.

America has rejected GOD out of their bedrooms.

America has rejected GOD out of their definition of marriage.

And America has rejected GOD out of many of their churches whereby they teach and preach contrary to GOD’S COMMANDMENTS, changed HIS HOLY SABBATH DAY to the first day of the week and perverted GOD’S ordained gender role of authority and leadership in the fellowship of believers.

John 3:36

“He who believes in (Trust, obeys the Commandments of and are submissive to) the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the Wrath of God Abides On Him.”


Please read the following pages for more divine revelation into America’s and Christianity’s rejection of GOD:


2.) National Call To Repentance

3.) When A Nation Rejects GOD


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Ignorance Personified In Racism

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THIS IS TRUTH MINISTRY – "There Are Racists In The Christian Church"

One Blood Acts

Racism In America Is Not Just A Problem of Classism, Discrimination, Injustice and Segregation.  Racism In America Is A Sin Problem In The Pulpit.  There are Christian racists everywhere in the Christian Church.  They are either racist by silent consent or racist by indifference or racist by personal ideologies of White supremacy.

Racism in America Could Have Been Solved From The Pulpits Of American Christian Churches, If the Pulpits Were Preaching God’s Truth OUT OF God’s Word In The Spirit of God’s Holiness Instead of Preaching Status Quo Ideologies Birthed Out Of Demonic Theological Standards of Humanism and Clandestine Racial Supremacy.

We Could Have Solved Racism, Slavery and All Of The Other Race Related Ills of Our Culture and Society From The Pulpit If Christianity And Christian Preachers Would Have Stood Together As One Saintly, Baptized, Holy Spirit Led Body of Christ Instead of An Amalgamation Of Various Perverted Social, Cultural, Political, Pagan And Racial Philosophies And Religions Competing For Supremacy, Celebrity, Power and Wealth.

The so-called Christian CHURCH and her many divisions – Protestant and Catholic denominations, have been so divided that they have rendered themselves virtually ineffective and mute on the issue of racism and totally blasphemous on the issue of salvation.

They can’t tell anyone else how to get along and be saved until they repent of their culpability in slavery and their deafening silence in the horrors of racial terrorism and discrimination.

If The Christian Churches Would Repent and Dissolve Their individual Distinctions and Return To the Authentic and Unadulterated and Theologically Uncorrupted Eternal Saving Plan Of God and Keep God’s Commandments like the Original Chosen Apostles of CHRIST Did and Taught, Racism Wouldn’t Stand a Chance and Slavery Would Have Ended Before It Began.

But it was Christian Church men and women who Enslaved, Tortured, Castrated, Humiliated, Dehumanized, Demonized, Raped, Burned Alive, Lynched and Slaughtered Blacks with Impunity and with Extreme Prejudice.


And although Christians and Christian Pastors are better educated these days, the divisive clandestine factions and hateful spirits still occupy many pulpits and pews and give safe haven and comfort to the enemies of racial equality, fairness, justice and unity.

We have always known that racism and bigotry exists in Law Enforcement and the American Judicial and penal system but we have failed to expose its insidious nature hiding in the pulpits and the churches of American Christian culture.

But no more.

Wake-up people!!! There Are Racists In The Christian Church.

I know that everyone is not a racist and that all churches aren’t the same nor do all churches remain silent on the sin of racism.  However, a significant number of Christians and Christian churches and their Pastors have been too quiet about the obvious systemic racism, judicial disparity and the blatant murdering of Black Children, men and woman by racist elements in authority and I am calling them out on their cowardly and surreptitious behavior.

Acts 17

God Is The God Of All People and All Races but most especially He is the ONE TRUE GOD of the poor in spirit, the oppressed, shattered, crushed and brokenhearted. And He Is The God of The Pure In Heart and the Peacemakers.

Truly there is only ONE GOD – YHVH!
There Is Only One Body (Ekklesia) Of Christ.
There is One race – the human race.

There isn’t a Black Church or a White Church or an Asian Church or an Hispanic Church or an Arab Church or an  Armenian Church. 

There Is Only ONE TRUE and HOLY Body of repented, buried in water in the name of Christ Jesus, Holy Spirit Gifted Ekklesia of Christ and of God.  And in CHRIST there aren’t any racial distinctions – Only The Blood Of Christ and The Spirit of God.

“And from one blood he made the whole world of humanity to be dwelling on the whole surface of The Earth and he marked out the times in his decrees and set the coasts of the dwelling places of humanity.” (Acts 17:26)

Many Preachers and Christians have refused to accept the Holy Scriptures’ Testimony That All Humanity Is Related Through One Blood.  And they compound their sin by disobeying the Apostolic command not to be denominated or divisive.  AND IF THEY CAN’T BELIEVE AND ACCEPT THAT TRUTH, THEN THEY DISQUALIFY THEMSELVES FROM HAVING THE BLOOD OF CHRIST WASH AWAY THEIR SINS. FOR THE POWER OF RACIAL UNITY IS IN THE BLOOD

These Folks Are Not Of God But Are Lost.  

May God Have Mercy On Us All!


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“America is not a Christian Nation but a Capitalistic Corporation.”

America Is Not A Christian Nation

First and foremost, Christianity is not equivalent to the Salvation of GOD. Christianity is not of GOD although it claims to be so.

If Christianity were from God, Christianity wouldn’t legalize same-sex marriage nor celebrate homosexuality nor justify the heinous murder and unfettered assassination of unarmed Black folks by wicked and cowardly Law Enforcement officers. And Christianity wouldn’t support the 400 plus years of systemic subjugation, immoral indoctrination, and manipulation of an entire race for the enrichment of the denominate white race. And Christianity wouldn’t advocate for the murder of the unborn child through abortions.

I contend that from the very beginning, America was never about Christianity, and Christianity was never about salvation and evangelizing of souls but about the acquisition of power, wealth, and influence.

Wake-up people!

We (African-Americans) were then and we are now a commodity to be manipulated by the controlling 1% of wealthy Americans.

Some rappers and entertainers, along with false prophets and religious teachers, have become rich by cooperating with the systemic brainwashing, subjugation and contemporary pacifying of generations of Blacks so as to neutralize any possibility of us achieving any appreciable and significant wealth, power and independent control over our own futures and the futures of our posterity.

We are kept enslaved to a culture, style, and system that was created to strip away our uniqueness, our spiritual integrity, and our moral consciousness of Who God is as well as who we are.  American via Christianity forcibly acclimated us and recreated us into an imagined subhuman image – destroying our self-worth and inoculating us against ever realizing our true divine nature, moral character and internal strength as well as our unique relationship to the ONE true YHVH.

All of this was done and is still being done in the name of the almighty dollar. It is truly all about money, power, and control over the lives of others.  Even some preachers can’t preach without talking about money and wealth building and prosperity. Capitalism is the new religion of the masses and it is being disguised as Christianity by her salespersons who are dressed up as preachers, pastors, and televangelists. But their message is not the doctrine of Christ and His chosen Apostles but the sales pitch of capitalism, greed, and lust.

Wake-up people!

Isaiah 1:4“Alas, sinful nation, People weighed down with iniquity, Offspring of evildoers, Sons who act corruptly! They have abandoned the LORD, They have despised the Holy One of Israel, They have turned away from Him.”

A few have become wealthy by keeping some of us sagging, ragging and bagging. But we are kept poor and at risk by being ignorant of the propaganda used to trick us and deceive us into accepting and imitating the demeaning characterizations, sexual immoralities, and images set forth by wicked spiritual forces that do not love us nor God.

Wake-up people!

How many physicians and lawyers and corporate C.E.O.s are dressing like promiscuous and lewd party girls, displaying their breasts and their butts like animals in heat?

How many company presidents, Law Makers and Congressman, Mayors, and Senators are sagging their pants, exposing their butts to their grandmothers, mothers, and daughters?

How many surgeons and medical specialists are dressing like the images we see portrayed by rappers and actors who are paid to wear the vulgar urban fashions and sensual/sexy provocative clothes that they wear?

Do you think these grungy and lewd fashion trends are by accident? No! They are by design and we can tell who they are designed for by who they are marketed to. And many of us have made our enemies wealthy by purchasing and wearing clothes that our enemies would not be caught dead in or buy for their own children.

Wake-up people!

If we are ever going to be worth anything, our self-worth has to improve whereby we have to stop accepting trash as though it were treasure and we have to stop glamorizing and imitating the worse character traits of humanity that have been fiercely forced upon us by the clandestine system of racism and capitalism in America.

Wake-up people!

We have been hoodwinked, bamboozled and tranquilized into a social and religious stupor whereby we don’t think for ourselves but depend on others to manipulate our lives so as to tell us what to think and how to feel; what is decent and what isn’t; where we should live and where we shouldn’t live; how much money we should be satisfied with and what morals we should have.

Without realizing it, many of us have made someone else our god other than YHVH. And many are actively and passionately serving the cause of Satan and wickedness while dismissing and hating the holiness of Christ and the righteousness of the KINGDOM of GOD.

Wake-up people!

GOD IS NOT DEAD. HE IS STILL ALIVE! And Without Holiness, No one will see the LORD.

Wake-up people!

America is not a Nation under GOD but a Capitalistic Corporation under Satan.  And we are her slave laborers and tradable commodity.

Wake-up people!


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“The Law Cannot Dignify What God Has Condemned.”


Regarding the Supreme Court’s upholding and validation of Same-sex Marriages in The Untied States on June 26, 2015 (The same day of the memorial services in Charleston S.C. for the brutally Slain Pastor of Historic Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church):

If “marriage” is a matter of State and Federal law as some believe, then what of those Black heterosexual slaves who were denied marriage under the law but lived as married couples and families in the sight of God and man? Was their copulation sinful and adulterous according to Holy Scripture? Were their children born as illegitimate offspring? Doesn’t God reserve the right to say who is considered married and who isn’t within the confines and definition of His institution?


Perhaps it is best to think of this worldly and wicked phenomenon of same-sex marriage as belonging to the world and to the god of this world and not be too overly concerned with it as it has nothing to do with us but is totally consistent with who Satan is. 

The ruling by the United States Supreme Judicial Branch  of Government doesn’t represent YAHWEH or GOD’S Eternal Moral Law or the love of Christ.  It is only a further manifestation and witness to the depravity of the souls of mankind and America’s abandonment of Her First Love – JESUS CHRIST.  We must face the fact that America hasn’t been one nation under GOD for a very long time. 

I heard a priest say on CNN – and I paraphrase – “The Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 States confirms that God is a God of love.”  I didn’t know that God’s Love needed any further confirmation after the birth, passion, death and resurrection of Christ Yeshua.  I didn’t know that any human agent or agency could annul or legitimize what YAHWEH has ESTABLISHED In HEAVEN or in the earth.  I am totally unaware of any time or incident where YAHWEH abdicated HIS Sovereignty and submitted HIMSELF and HIS ETERNAL MORAL LAW to the authority of mankind.  If you can, please inform me of it.

It is only the evil one that seeks to change what God has ordained and call “evil” good and “good” evil. (Daniel 7:25)

IT IS A WICKED world and a WICKED nation that attempts to marry and relate their vile filth and wicked homosexual practices and beliefs to YAHWEH – The HOLY ONE, THE ONLY TRUE and LIVING GOD.  Even to suggest that GOD’S LOVE is homosexual and that HE approves of same-sex sexual relationships is blasphemous, insulting and invites the wrath of God.

Let Me Be Crystal Clear!

GOD IS HOLY AND JUST AND ALL HIS WAYS ARE RIGHTEOUS.  And as God’s messenger, I, in the authority of the name of Yahushua Ha’Mashiach, pronounce immediate and unquestionable judgment upon anyone who dares even to suggest, equate or associate such vile filth as same-sex marriage and homosexuality with God’s Righteousness and Love.


Homosexuality Same sex

Every TRUE and Faithful Christian should be outraged with righteous indignation if anyone, including the Supreme Court and/or her Justices, dares to slander our FATHER and His HOLY LIVING WORD by suggesting that “gay love” and same-sex marriage is the same as “GOD’S LOVE.”



“The Law Cannot Dignify What God Has Condemned.”

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Never Apologize For Being Victimized

Black Experience Never Apologize for Being Black

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Return To The Faith

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Black Experience Pedagogy Part 2
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