“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"


We live moment to moment without ever really knowing how much time we have. So be careful how, when, with whom and on what you spend your time.

Live As Fully as You Can In The Moment.

It may be the last moment that you have to spend.

But if you would like to acquire additional CURRENCY, I suggest that you give some TIME to things and people that GOD cares about. For God is the giver and Sovereign LORD of TIME. And The LORD indicated in HOLY SCRIPTURE that if we give whatever (not money as the greedy folks sometimes preach), even our TIME, we will reap a harvest multiplied many times over of what we sowed.

The Scripture says that we WILL REAP what we sow.

And Time is one currency that we all have, at least for a moment. Therefore, SOW your time.

Because one day TIME…

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