The Sabbath Message / “THE BEAST”

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

2018 End Times The Beast

Regardless of whatever natural predisposition we may or may not have toward another individual, we have been meticulously engineered and programmed by the BEAST to think and feel a certain way about certain things and certain people relative to their race, financial status, social status, speech and physical appearance.

We make judgment calls about other folks all of the time based upon what the “Beast” tells us is good, bad, fashionable, acceptable, pretty, ugly, undesirable, desirable, godly, righteous, beautiful, gorgeous, rich, popular, wealthy, superior and inferior.

However, if we would notice that the “Beast” never finds anything wrong with herself or her ungodly twisted definition of marriage, family, holiness, church, Christianity, religion, obedience, love and sex.  And the “Beast” never condemns her open displays of opulence and power in the face of human tragedy, poverty, death and chaos.  She never curses decadence but celebrates it. She never damns perversions and…

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