Repentance Galatians

Winning souls for CHRIST is understood by the world’s Christian community as a great cause and a divine vocation. But did God or Christ ask us to “win” souls for Christ?


I just thought that I would ask the question since so many Christians have assumed the responsibility and/or the ministerial vocation of “Winning Souls for CHRIST.”

Is CHRIST a soul collector or is He THE SAVIOR?

Has Satan deceived the World’s Christian Community into accepting an ideology about CHRIST and Salvation that CHRIST did not teach about Himself?

As for me, I do not seek to win anyone to CHRIST.

CHRIST or rather the Messiah is not a game show or a sporting event or a political contest or a competition whereby one party wins and the other party loses.

The only loser in such a twisted religious philosophy are the sinners seeking salvation.  They aren’t won to Christ but they are won to a set of religious institutional beliefs, traditions and prejudices that have nothing to do with the Messiah and Salvation.  

As for me, I seek to persuade all sinners to REPENT, OBEY GOD’S COMMANDMENTS and FOLLOW CHRIST’S instructions on how to be saved and enter into HIS EKKLESIA. I follow the order and practice of CHRIST and HIS CHOSEN APOSTLES and I persuade sinners to repent only by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.


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Copyright © Othealor W. Prince January 2017
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Repent and Baptized

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  1. Amen! I remember on one evangelistic trip to a local university and a young man from China said to me, so you are selling Jesus?” and I replied “NO” “Jesus is not for sale. He came and died for you for free though it costs Him everything, He loved you that much.He suffered for you that you would not have to suffer in Hell.” The world thinks we are peddling a religion called Christianity but we are just sharing an opportunity for a life of eternal friendship and relationship with God the Father by accepting His Son and the bonus is the Holy Spirit whom helps us to finish the race.

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