“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

Crown Race Eternal Reward of Glory

It may surprise some to know that the world is not on your side.

Regardless of the numerous and various kinds of accolades, honors, privileges, awards, gifts and titles that the world and may bestow upon us, the world is not our friend.

And although the world in all of her splendor and glory may gladden our hearts and appear to further our success with favorable acknowledgments from time to time, it is The CROWN of Righteousness that is our ultimate goal and eternal life our ultimate reward.

Born-Again Saint of GOD are not so focused on the world system of achievement, progress, success and advancement that we lose sight of GOD and HIS WAY, TRUTH and LIFE.

We diligently seek the righteousness of the Kingdom of God. We wholeheartedly desire to fight the good fight and finish our appointed race by keeping the Genuine FAITH of YHVH – observing…

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