A CRUMB FROM THE MASTER’S TABLE / “Don’t Ask Me A Question That You Don’t Want The Answer To”

Unity one-in-christ

Some folks have asked me why I don’t have my own church.

The answer is very simple. God has never commanded or taught his chosen messengers to have their own “church.” That very notion of “having a church” or “Pastoring a church” is a human one and has no foundation in HOLY SCRIPTURE or in the teachings of CHRIST and His Apostles.

There is only ONE BODY – The Ekklesia – Of Christ. And we are called to be members of it through the flesh and blood of Christ.

Therefore, I cannot “have my own church” or “Pastor my own church” and still be a part of God’s Holy Body.

I belong to GOD and THE BODY OF CHRIST and I serve HIM in Spirit and Truth through the grace and power of the HOLY SPIRIT – The Authentic Ruach Hakodesh.

Those who have their own churches belong to their own religious organizations and serve their own churches in the spirit of their own denominations, their own biblical interpretations and their own humanly contrived faith systems of theology and intellectualism. They know nothing of divine revelation. (1 John 2:27)

However, I would have everyone to know that if there are any sheep who need a shepherd and a true friend and who are hungry for GOD’S WORD and thirsty for HIS righteousness, I willingly make myself available to you. I will freely teach, shepherd and feed without price.

God’s salvation, love and service cannot be bought, hired, denominationalized and controlled. And neither can GOD’S CHOSEN, SENT AND ANOINTED MESSENGER. Amen.

Those who love CHRIST will love me and the TRUTH of GOD that resides in me and in whom I abide. (John 15:19)

Do not marvel at this saying. For the true worshiper worships God in Spirit and Truth and not in church buildings, temples, organized religions and mainstream institutions of faith. (John 4:23-24)

Christ is soon to return for His ONE “called out community of obedient, faithful, water baptized, Holy Spirit Gifted children” – HIS Ekklesia.

Be sure that you are a member of the Ekklesia of God. That is where I serve. That is where all saints belong and have their membership. (1 Corinthians 12:12-27)

However, you can’t just join this HOLY Body. You must be BORN AGAIN into it —

Born of the Water and of The Spirit.



Copyright © Othealor W. Prince 2016
All Rights Reserved


psalm 133 bretheren dwell together in unity

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