“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

cross hand nailed to cross
A lot of people think that once they are forgiven by a person, that person doesn’t have the right to say “ouch!”

Many feel that forgiveness erases the effect of their offence and therefore the offended party should not have anything further to say about it.

That is insensitive and arrogant of the offending party and reveals their lack of remorse at having injured someone else!

Although the scriptures indicate that God forgives, it doesn’t say that it didn’t cost him severe grief and pain nor does it hush his cries of pain and anguish.

Consider this.

Although Jesus forgave the ones who tortured him and crucified him, it didn’t diminish his suffering or numb his pain.

Jesus was publicly scourged, or beaten, with a leather-thronged whip. Tiny pieces of iron and bone chips were tied to the ends of each leather thong-cutting deep into his flesh and causing deep…

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