“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

Jesus CHRIST Wept

It is my observation and opinion that many Christian church services have become a well rehearsed Broadway production with actors, performers, directors, technicians, orchestras and entertainers.  And worship has become an exercise in cheer leading, motivational and inspirational rhetoric and social dialogue.  

And Christ Wept.

The HOLY SPIRIT isn’t on preaching duty but a humanly credentialed and academically certified clown – one who entertains sinners as they delude themselves about being saved and lie about being moved of the Holy Spirit.

And Christ Wept..

GOD’S eternal moral Commandments are not taught and preached but human traditions and philosophies are taught as commandments of God.

And Christ Wept.

Souls aren’t being saved in accordance with HOLY Scripture but are being deluded into believing in a Catholic or Protestant Faith, a sinners’ prayer and a prosperity gospel.

And Christ Wept.

False Preachers 032314

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All Rights Reserved


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