The Unchurched

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

 Unchurched Church obey acts 238

When Christ returns, He is not returning for the Catholic or the Protestant or any of the institutional churches of mankind. YeHoWsHua is coming back for His TRUE Ekklesia – the one community of obedient believers who are washed in his blood by baptism into his name and raised cleansed in the HOLY SPIRIT without spot or blemish.

He is coming back for His Ekklesia who worships the Father in Spirit and in Truth (His WORD) as opposed to worshiping an idea of Faith in a church or in a religious institution.

Be warned! There isn’t a church on earth that has a heaven or hell to place you in.

Seek the true and living God who is Spirit and Truth.

“The hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth” and not in a church or religious institution.

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  1. Amen Bishop! What must we do to be saved? Repent, be born again, which is of the water and of the Spirit! Preach it Brother!
    All praise and glory to God our Father and Jesus Christ our LORD and Saviour!

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