Is Your Bible Dead?

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

Disclaimer: The following article is a divine revelation into the authentic FAITH of the Saints of FATHER YHVH – identifying living epistles of Faith in the HOLY SPIRIT.  It is also a warning against trusting in biblical faith as opposed to having the courage to trust in the voice of the HOLY SPIRIT – if indeed one is endowed with the RUACH HaKADOESH of GOD.  Don’t get it twisted!  This is not an anti-Bible article or an indictment against those who subscribe to the Bible.  It is a pro-Holy Spirit teaching whose aim it is to raise awareness of the TRUTH and help some to understand the authentic Faith of GOD and of CHRIST relative to the “Christian faith” that is governed by the Bible and its interpreters.  This article is intended for the spiritually mature as well as for those who are awakening from the complacency and impotence of…

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