Thrown into Lake of Fire Rev 20 10 15

I have discovered that many “Christian Churches” are like storage warehouses. They store and warehouse sin-sick souls who are desperately seeking genuine healing and salvation but are only pacified and given placebos (false messages of empty promises and hope) and deceived by Satan into thinking that they are alright and saved when in fact they are unchanged. They are made to feel good and comfortable while still sin-sick and dying and going to hell.

These type “churches” refuse to teach God’s Eternal truth (John 3:3-7 and Acts 2:37-42) and don’t require their members to obey God’s Eternal Commandments but practice their own traditions as doctrines of God. (Matthew 5:19 and Matthew 15:8-9)

OWPRINCE church family business

I vaguely remember a movie from my youth where some “supernatural” aliens visited mankind. They convinced mankind that they had come in peace and that they would share their advance technology and medical science with mankind so that mankind would never have to experience famine, hunger, war or sickness ever again.

But there were a few skeptical souls who didn’t believe these aliens nor did they accept these aliens’ apparent altruistic motives.  So they began to look behind the scenes and investigate into the inner workings of the aliens’ space vessel.  And after accessing the aliens’ historical archives, they discovered that these seemingly good-hearted aliens were actually farmers and gathers for their race.  And their main goal was to capture, raise, preserve and fatten up humanity for their race’s consumption. They ate human being like human being eat livestock. What a revolting turn of events.

Many “church folks” and “Christians” alike are just being captured and warehoused in churches, deceived by their attending farmer the Pastor and fatten up and preserved to be consumed by Satan and cast into the fires of damnation – barbecued.

You better watch those churches!

Only Christ Saves!

Copyright © Othealor W. Prince 2015
All Rights Reserved


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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