“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

No Church Salvation

Theology, religion and education doesn’t teach us God’s point of view but teaches us man’s point of view about God.

There are many highly decorated and academically credentialed and accomplished scholars of Christianity that are led by their trust and faith in their false gods – self and church.  They hold man-made titles of excellence that are held in high esteem by those who are perishing and who have been deceived into believing the lie.

These poor lost souls have been indoctrinated by their religions to believe the doctrines of Satan that espouse the false assumption that God can be understood and His Word unraveled and rightly interpreted through academics and/or scholarly pursuits.

Likewise, the world has been deceived to believe that sinful and perverse mankind could somehow create an institution that would academically qualify someone to presume to serve FATHER YAHWEH.

Without realizing it, many have worshipped Father YAHWEH…

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