“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

There is a phenomenon happening in Christendom today that was not seen or heard of among the genuine believers and Apostles of Christ nor recorded in Holy Scripture whereas the unconverted, perverted and rebellious are accepted as “Christians” based upon their “stories” of being healed or delivered by God from an illness or tragedy.  And some are being exalted as celebrity Christian preachers and witnesses because of their worldly success, lovableness and wealth.

Don’t Get It Twisted!

Just because a person experiences the grace of God’s healing and survives a horrible illness or tragedy doesn’t mean that God has called, chosen or anointed them to preach, pastor or evangelize.

Don’t Get It Twisted!

Just because a person has been successful in the world’s system and gained wealth and notoriety doesn’t mean or translate into godliness or godly blessings and favor.  It just means that they made good decisions, worked hard…

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