“A People Who Forget Their Past Will Be Destined To Repeat It”

OWPRINCE Blacks being Killed

Although the Law has changed, let us never forget our horrific history in America and that the Supreme Court and the Constitution of the Untied States decreed and placed into law that “Negros” (Blacks) were 3/5 human; leaving 2/5 for something else.   The 2/5 of something else could not possibly have been beast or animal since the white man treated his horse, cat, cattle and dog far better that he treated the so-called Negro.

Negros were historically characterized as a subhuman species with an insatiable sexual appetite that lacked intelligence, character and feeling.

For the most part, BLACKS have been fooled and tricked by our tormentors and oppressors into thinking that we have a part in this American experience called a dream.

Our enemies show token kindness to us if we bring them comfort, entertainment or financial gain.  Some have confused this with acceptance, success and friendship. 

However, what happens when you can no longer, sing, dance, play or run?  What happens to you when your entertainment or market value is no longer wanted or needed?  What happens when the “Massa” has no more need for you to sing, dance, play or run?

In our American contemporary society, the spirit of racial supremacy and hate and her secrete terrorist societies have made their presence felt and known to all who are not spiritually drunk and blinded by the token trinkets of the massa’s glamour, glitter and gold.

Blacks killed by police

And although many of us (Blacks) yearn to be loved by the very ones who conspire against us and despise and hate us, there is a great awakening taking place among some of us whereby we recognize that we and our posterity are targeted for physical and spiritual execution, civil subjugation and imprisonment.

If we do not begin to teach our youth and younger generation the TRUTH of our past and share with them the necessary skills of survival in this hostile environment that we call American Society, we will eventually be annihilated.

Charleston 9

If we don’t stop sugarcoating the reality of racism and apologizing for our warranted alarm and outcry against racial injustice and terrorism, we will be destined to shame, infamy, indignity and contempt.

For many of us, we still are under the brainwashing and indoctrination of the Massa wherein we think that Jesus and God are white and the white man’s ice is colder that the black man’s ice.


Black history Martin King

Copyright © Othealor W. Prince 2015
All Rights Reserved


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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