“Redeeming The Time”

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

Redeem the time post

This is a statement that many folks have heard before but very few dwell upon or live by. Many assume that they know what that statement means. But How Do We Redeem The Time? This is a question worth asking and answering.

“How Do We Redeem The Time?”

I believe that if more Born Again folks would ask themselves this question on a daily basis and truly seek the answer and live by it, that fewer Christian folks would fall into the temptations and traps of sex, lust, greed and sensuality.

However, it is my observation and considered opinion that many professed Christians, especially church folks, do not want to know how to redeem the time. They are afraid that the knowledge of how to redeem the time may cost them their willful ignorance and make them face the fact that they aren’t living as YAHWEH would have them to live and…

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  1. so true Bishop if we as human would wait on God’s timing and enjoy every-day life as been single and love our self more when God release the right person it would not be a problem keep trusting in god and believe in him that whatever you pray about it shall come to pass amen

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