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There are several things that can change our lives and perspectives forever. As a matter of self-preservation and survival, there are things that should impact us forever. 

As I wrote earlier, “We Had A Wake Up Call Several Years Ago And Someone Hit The Snooze Button. Now The Snooze alarm has Gone Off.”

The events of this past week in Charleston, South Carolina has awaken old racial truths and snatched the threads out of the fabric of our peaceful illusion.  Racial Terrorism Is Alive And Well In South Carolina and in Our Nation.

But as I also said in an earlier post, “We have more folks for us than we have against us.”

And Although our Governor and State Officials Have Responded Appropriately with Purpose and Passion, I am still left in shock and I am shaken to the core of my being at the very REAL life and death threats to me and my children and those of my particular race by the virtually invisible enemy of clandestine racial hatred and terrorism.

This is nothing new to the world or us. The snooze alarm just was activated and the reality of what was always there is now exposed; it is a shock and horror to many, but exposed nonetheless.

I have confidence in the FBI and other Federal and State criminal investigative entities to successfully discover the truth behind such a well planned operation of racial terrorism in our nation and State by a seemingly unintelligent individual. I am sure that they will be questioning every aspect of this murder’s movement right down to the mysterious story of the officer who called in the spotting of the suspect to the non-aggressive arrest by police officers of a murderer of 9 African-Americans.

I cannot help but to wonder would I be alive today had I been the suspect stopped by police with the murder weapon within my reach and on the run from the scene of having massacred 9 white people. I cannot help but to feel violated and threaten all at the same time.

It has been made exceedingly clear that Blacks take their lives in their own hands every time that we are stopped by none Black Law Enforcement officers. Even a simple act of questioning by white police on a street corner can result in a Black man being choked to death and losing his life. Even an innocent Black child playing in the park isn’t safe from execution by White Law Enforcement officers here in America.

I would be terribly irresponsible, naïve and foolish not to take notice that the prophetic word spoken by me 6 years ago is manifesting for all to see. i.e. “Every since the election of our First African American President – President Barack Obama – Open Acts of Racism, Violence and Hatred Against Blacks Have Noticeably Increased.”

I said also wrote that “It is open season on Black Men” and that we need to be hyper vigilant to protect ourselves and our posterity or else we perish as men and as a culture and a race.

But the snooze alarm was sounded Painfully Loud and Clear on June 17th at Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church Where 9 African Americans Souls Rang The Bell Of Eternity For The World and For Our Nation and State To Hear.

And I Am Awake Now. My Eyes Are Open To The Harsh Truth That Life Is Tenuous, Especially Mine, And I May Have To Answer The Call Without Even A Moments Notice.

Charleston 9
I Am Awake Now. I see That There Are More People For Me Than There Are Against Me And Everything Is In God’s Plan.

I Am Awake Now. I understand that regardless of everyone’s good intentions, my well-being, my safety and the protection of my posterity is ultimately my responsibility with the help and Grace of God.  No one can watch over us all of the time but God.

I Am Awake Now. I know that there has to be something enormously special, great and divine within me for me to be so hated by someone I don’t even know.

I Am Awake Now! I know That To Be Obedient To God That I Must Forgive My Enemies But In So Doing I Am Called A Child Of God.

I Am Awake Now! And All Of The Hosts Of Heaven Is With Me.

I Am Awake Now. Forever, I will Watch As Well As Pray.

I Am Awake Now!

I Will Watch As Well As Pray.

I Am Awake Now!

Copyright © Othealor W. Prince 06/23/2015
All Rights Reserved


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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  1. Remember, as children of God, regardless of colour, creed, ethnicity etc. We are all one together in Christ! There is no colour, just one people that make up the complete body of Christ! We should all glory and praise God our Father, and worship Jesus Christ our LORD and Saviour, together as ONE People! United together in faith and salvation in the Truth of God’s Word! As Christian brothers and sisters, there should be no doubt that we should have each other’s back, as well as face to face godly love in Jesus Christ!

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