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Ok! Here is the scenario.

A professed single Christian woman willfully and willingly commits fornication with a none Christian man. She knowingly doesn’t use birth control nor does she require the man to use any protection. She becomes pregnant and has a healthy baby girl. The man desires to be apart of his child’s life and agrees to financially support the child but doesn’t want anything further to do with the mother of the child. The scorned mother retaliates by keeping the child away from her father who desperately attempts to spend quality time with his daughter. Precious bonding opportunities between father and daughter are denied by the vindictive mother. Years pass and the father eventually has to get a court order in order to force this so-called Christian woman to allow him to spend some quality time with his daughter. Now that the child is beginning to spend time with her dad and become attached to him, the mother attempts to sabotage the child’s relationship with her father my speaking negatively about him all of the time – blaming him for any lack in the home, calling him a dog and a whore – viciously trying to alienate the child from her father and make the child disrespect and dislike her dad. The child is too young and immature to understand what is happening to her. She loves both parents. Her father never speaks evil of her “Christian” mother. It is only the Christian mother that speaks evil of the none Christian father.

Now the Christian mother is again having sex outside of marriage but this time she doesn’t hide her sexual immorality from her daughter but flaunts it and brags about how good a man she has compared to the girl’s father.

This same so-called Christian woman is now become an evangelist and has started preaching in various churches – performing religiously before others. She has never confessed her sin or repented of her sexual transgressions but continues to denigrate men in general and challenge their manhood and divinely appointed leadership.

The little girl is all grown up now and she has never heard her father say a negative thing about her mother.
Eventually the father repents, confesses his sins before The LORD and acknowledges his transgressions. He is washed in the blood of the LAMB of GOD through baptism in the name of Christ Jesus and he comes up out of the water speaking in tongues and praising GOD.

The Father begins to pray with and for his daughter – LIVING HOLY BEFORE ALL.

It is now more than 20 years later and the professed Christian mother is now Pastoring her own church and is very prosperous and successful in the sight of the people.

The young girl is now a woman and she is taking her cues about how to be a Christian from her daddy.

Her testimony is that all of her life she has only heard her mother curse and slander her father then go to church and talk about loving God.  All of her life she has been exposed to her mother’s sexual partners.  However, she has never heard her father slander or curse her mother. And if her father had a sexual partner, he certainly didn’t expose her to his exploits.

Of these two parents, which one do you think was more of a parent to the child? Which one’s life could be used to lead a child to GOD? Which one had integrity? Which one’s life demonstrates that they know what love is!!! Which parent was only concerned about themselves and their own gratification?

Which one is the Dog? Which one is the Whore?


Copyright © Othealor W. Prince 01/01/2015
All Rights Reserved


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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