“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

Pastoring iwth Prayer

Please forgive me Oh LORD for approaching this day without first approaching you, my FATHER.

I mistakenly rose this morning thinking that this day was mine and that I was entitled to go about in it as I pleased. I am sorry Father. Please forgive this immature and slow-witted child. I ignorantly and foolishly went forth I my own strength, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and power. Please forgive me OH GOD! I am disgusted at myself and my arrogance is a stench in my own nostrils. My intelligence is too retarded, my strength is too feeble and my righteousness is as dung. Oh Wretched Souls Am I. LORD PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON THIS SENSELESS CHILD.

I acknowledge and praise YOU as my Father and I am exceeding joyful and grateful to be counted as one of your hired servants – not worthy to sit at your table as a child or…

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