“Honoring Fathers and Fatherhood”

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

Fatherhood alleination-2

by Bishop O.W. Prince
(Former Child Protective Service Social Worker and
Fatherhood and Men’s Advocate for over 21 years)

Parental Alienation is a significant legal issue. Unfortunately, it remains a prevalent feature of many family law cases. It intent and effect is to destroy the present and future relationship between a child and the alienated parent.

I personally know the pain of parental alienation. It can be a lifetime of grief that you learn to live with but never get over.

Separated or divorced parents should love their child or children more than they dislike one another.

Christian parents, whether divorced or separated, should respect and honor their divine parental obligation to raise a child up in the fear, admonition and love of the LORD instead of in the atmosphere of hostility, disrespect, disdain, verbal disparages and dishonoring of one another. Christian parents should love God and their children…

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