A CRUMB FROM THE MASTER’S TABLE / “None But The Righteous Shall See God” / May 30, 2015

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

Satan god of this world

Christians are constantly shown how the ruling class and their pets live everyday in relative luxury, comfort and excess.

Through the media and airways (Satan is god of the air), some Christians have been successfully influenced to vigorously pursue membership in the ruling class.

The devil has deceived many would be Christians into thinking that the wealth and riches that the ruling class enjoys is directly a result of them being blessed by Father God. This is one of the main lies of many prosperity preachers and seed faith gospel churches.  Some Christians have forgotten that this world and her riches belong to Satan and that Satan gives riches that may look like blessings but are actually curses intended to destroy our relationship with God.

Some Christians desire to live like the ruling Class and/or their pets. They want to either be or at least look like they belong to…

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