“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

tithing on trial

Have you noticed that there is an ever-increasing demand by Christian religious leaders to make their followers pay tithes to support their ministry? They use all type of tactics to shame folks into paying tithes. They make empty promises of “supernatural increase” or wealth and prosperity for those who tithe regularly into their ministry or into their churches. They use the Old Testament Law of Moses to browbeat unsuspecting believers into tithing into a manmade ministry. They use Malachi 3:8 to imply that those who don’t tithe rob God as if God need their tithes.

However, Malachi 3:8 has reference to the Levitical Priestly System that supported the priests of God who had no inheritance in the land.

I have known some churches to keep a record of who tithes and who doesn’t. However that system of temple (Tax) support was nailed to the cross in Christ Jesus and is…

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