Pastor In Brazil Convinced His Members His Sperm Was Holy Milk Has Been Arrested!!!

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Evangelical Pastor convinced followers his penis contained HOLY MILK, arrested!!!

Now this one has got to be an all time worst Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God reports….
This is worst than the woman that took the stand in court and said it was her Godly duty to allow Bishop Earl Pulk to have sex with her while she was married to one of the elders at the church. However the following report coming out of Brazil takes the cake! Read it below:
BRAZIL – January 28, 2013 – Religion is a virus. The world is quickly finding out the damage and crimes that the Vatican and its little harlots – all other religions – have caused worldwide.
Just when you think you had heard it all, another malicious and alarming crime committed by a criminal priest, nun, minister or pastor, surfaces. This one has to be…

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