“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

Let God Be True

We can speak to one another in various tones of voices to communicate our emotions or to get our point across. We can go from loud, boisterous dissatisfaction and anger to loud shouts of joy and happiness to heart wrenching groans of sorrow and pain in our ranges of communication. We communicate our thoughts, intentions and emotions to each other using all of our vocal expressions and tones of voices as well as our choice of words.

However, when it comes to God speaking to us, we seem to want to limit God to only communicating with us through soft and sugarcoated tones of reconciliation, endearment, entitlement, sympathy and forgiveness. The unrepentant seems to only wants God and salvation on their own terms. 

Many Christian religious sects have taken elaborate steps to insure that their version of eternal truth, righteousness and salvation is the only message heard from their pulpits…

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