The Bishop’s Corner with Bishop O.W. Prince / “Beautiful Beauty”

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

Beautiful Beauty

I have been considering some of the images that the media represents to society as being pretty, beautiful, attractive, sexy and desirable. And without much argument, the masses have accepted what someone else told them was beautiful.

However, I find myself disagreeing with much of what the world calls beautiful and assessing attractiveness and beauty from the only place any of us ought to trust – our Soul.

I don’t want to deliberately label anyone as being ugly or unattractive but there have been many movies where the leading lady or staring actor or actress have been referred to as being gorgeous, handsome, beautiful and/or “fine.” And the masses are subliminally influenced to define what is beautiful by the opinions set by aristocratic and arbitrary powers. However, I assess the charm and beauty of individual performers for myself and I found some of them to be plain and commonly.


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