“Lies and Deceptions of Satan”

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

adversary satan

Here are some lies and deceptions of Satan that I have discovered to be most prevalent among Christians and Christians organizations. Some sound so close to being the truth that some folks may take offence at them being listed here.


  1. You have to join a church in order to be a Christian.
  2. Salvation can only be found in a joining a church.
  3. Jesus and His Apostles established the “church institutions” that we know and perpetuate today in our worship facilities, Christian ministries and Christian organizations.
  4. Temple/church worship is the only true and best worship.
  5. God will save your soul if you just pray a “sinner’s prayer.”
  6. Jesus is just sitting around waiting to be asked to come into your heart.
  7. Your denominational or nondenominational or Catholic Church’s doctrines and traditions determine and define what Christianity is and isn’t.
  8. God and Salvation can be found and understood through the disciplines…

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