“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"


I have made a terrible mistake and must rebuke myself.

It just occurred to me that I have been going at this thing of homosexuality and same-sex marriages all wrong.

You know that the way that you word things and the passion with which you word them can be interpreted as either hostile and confrontational or friendly and inviting.

I believe that the majority of what is said against homosexuality and same-sex marriages has been the former. We (Christians for Sexual Holiness and Purity) are always attacking homosexuals but we seldom invite them into our revelation of God and His Righteousness. We excommunicate them before they are even in fellowship of the Church.

How can they hear the Word unless we who have the Spirit of Christ speak the Word in Love to them? Admonishing, but with a kind loving and respectful voice. Teaching carefully and with patience, remembering the…

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  1. Amen Bishop! I grew up with the ‘brimstone and fire’ preachers, that just doesn’t work, it alienates and turns people away from ever truly hearing the righteous Word of God in a positive light. They were always preaching (boisterously) negatively at people. As a kid, I knew that was not the proper way to approach people, because Jesus never did that. By the way Bishop, I personally did not read into your posts with any negative tone at all. Perhaps it was the spirit of love that is in me to view things in a proper way. You were stating truth in how you felt about the topic, but were still mindful in how you delivered it. God bless and all praise and glory to Jesus Christ our Saviour!

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