“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

God is right and doesnt change

Spiritual Confusion and Contradictions Have Taken Over The Pulpit and The Church.

Feminism, Gay Rights and Political Correctness is The New Order of the Day.

Entertainers, celebrity preachers, academic scholars, comedians, actors and theater performers are now the headliners for worship.

Anything and Everything That Can Sing, Speak, Dance or Play an Instrument In An Exceptionally, Entertaining, Emotionally Stimulating and Talented Way Is Being Labeled as “Anointed.”

Folks Who Have Never Lived Saved and Who Aren’t Born Again and Who Are Living and Operating Contrary To the Order and Word of God Are Now Leading Churches as Pastors and Worship Leaders.

The World Has Its Own Ideas Of Righteousness and Christianity That They Promote, Endorse, Advertise, Pay Well and Celebrate but That Doesn’t Make It Right.

The world and her churches applaud and praise what God despises and condemns.

Regardless of how well they sound and how good they look…

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