“Trust Him And Never Doubt Him”

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

We live in an atmosphere of faith and trust everyday whether we realize it or not.

The manufacturers of various vitamins and medicines place their products in stores where we purchase them and willingly digest them into our bodies without the slightest concern for their cleanliness, purity, contamination or sabotage. We trust what is said about them by their manufacturers, our advisers, doctors, pharmacists, etc.

Upon the word of a physician or trainer or friends or advertising commercial, we buy artificially created medicines and alleged all natural supplements and place them in our bodies blindly trusting that they will help and not harm.

We trust in an unknown and politically driven and corrupt systems of quality control and governmental regulations to assure that the products we ingest aren’t contaminated or deadly.

We trust that the government and pharmaceutical companies aren’t conspiring together to target and experiment on certain segments of our population…

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