I have observed a lot of believers withholding aid from fellow believers because they perceive that the person doesn’t need any help or that the person is more capable than they actually are. They judge incorrectly based upon outward appearances and/or prejudices.

Our opinion of what another person needs is irrelevant and immaterial in the face of their actual personal sufferings. They are the only ones qualified to say what it is that they need to alleviate their sufferings.

Although some sufferings are obvious, others are silent and require divine discernment with compassionate generosity and caring. Real loving assistance requires the divine Love Of God That Only God’s Children posses.

Therefore, if you consider yourself a Child of God and filled with His Loving Holy Spirit, wherein is the Truth of your love revealed?

(Bishop O.W. Prince)

All Rights Reserved

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

3 responses

  1. So true Bishop. I think the lack of faith dictates whether that person will give or not. The word says that we should consider our brother first and do to our brothers even before ourselves. So many of us are lacking in so many areas. As a church and the body of Christ, we should all being prayer for each other and hopefully Jesus will awaken those to do the will of God and take care of each other.

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