“Who Has Bewitched You? God Has Not Changed”

Dear friends and enemies alike:
This is the message that separated the men from the boys and me from a lot of former friends. But as I have preached and taught persistently, God’s Word Is God’s Word and I don’t filter it through consideration for politically correctness or the feminist agenda.

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“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"



Hellfire Preaching has been replaced by feel-good prosperity sermons.

Confession and repentance have been replaced by entertainment and crowd applause.

Conviction of sin against God’s Holy Commandments has been replaced by political correctness and tolerance.

Emotional demonstration has replaced the Holy Ghost manifestation.

The God called, anointed and sent Man of God has been replaced with the academically accomplished, denominationally approved hired motivational speaker.

The feminine movement has usurped God’s divine order of gender roles in His Church. The masculine pastor has been replaced with a feminine counterfeit.

Holiness and purity has been replaced with lewdness immorality.

Virginity is not as highly prized in the church as is fornication and “Single Parenting.” Churches are hosting baby showers for unwed mothers and promoting sexual lewdness through moral apathy.

Sexual morality and spiritual integrity are no longer a prerequisite for pastors but academic achievement and…

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