Remembering the Incarcerated and Their Families in Prayer

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"


Father, we pray in the authority of the name of the Holy Messiah that those who are in prison may be forgiven of any transgressions they may have committed against You and/or their fellow man. We pray that the unjustly incarcerated and those who have been falsely accused be immediately exonerated. You know the hearts of every soul and therefore we pray that prison sentences be reduced for the nonviolent and repentant souls and that their lives be restored to them better than before.

We especially pray for the parents, siblings, wives and the children of those who are serving time in prison. We realize that they are as imprisoned as their loved ones are. Please Father Have Mercy on Them And Keep Them Secure In Your Loving Hands And Comfort Their Aching Hearts and Lonely Souls.

In the name of Christ our LORD, we pray that you keep and…

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