Keeping It Real with Bishop O.W. Prince

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

keeping it real owp

The world system, through colorful language and media imagery will appeal to our senses and feelings and associate a positive and pleasurable experience with a deadly and destructive behavior, product or lifestyle.

The beer commercials never show a drunk in the street puking her guts out, cussing her children out with her husband divorcing her.  They always show a beautiful woman in an eloquent setting being admired by men.

The movie and entertainment industry habitually show men and women engaging in what seems like very pleasurable acts of mutually enjoyable sex but they never show the physical and psychological hell of HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, herpes, chlamydia and other STDs  as well as the dependency on legal and illegal drugs to maintain sexual arousal and performance.

The powers of the world system, through its laws, social policies and propaganda media attempts to transform the Holiness of God’s Word and Commandments into…

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