Idol Church Idol Wesley

Idolatry may be summarized as the extreme admiration, love, worship, adulation, adoration, veneration or reverence for something, someone, some physical object or entity other than Father God.

I have personally observed evidence of idolatry in some folks who consider themselves to be good Christians.

There are those so-called Christians who are so indoctrinated and/or brainwashed that they are unaware of their idolatry. They have uncritically entered into a “church covenant” and have sworn lifetime allegiance to a church and its beliefs.

Some of these idolaters love their “churches” and pastors so much that they would not leave or separate themselves from them even if the Lord himself commanded them to do so. They pride themselves on being loyal and dedicated to their “churches” or religious organizations and pastors. Many mistakenly think that because they have joined a “church” or a mainstream denominational religious organization that they are some how saved and alright with God. This is not so.

No Church Salvation

While pastoring a small church in Spartanburg, South Carolina, I heard a woman declare that she was born a Baptist and would die a Baptist. I responded, “You were born a sinner and will die a sinner unless you are born again.”

Many professed Christians and their families have been bullied into staying in a church or religious organization. They have been taught by pastors and church leaders that they shouldn’t explore or consider any other pastors or churches for their Christian growth and care. Those who dare to search for God’s Word and Truth at any other church are negatively stereotyped as being “Church hoppers.” This is an ungodly bullying tactic used by insecure churches and pastors to keep their members enslaved and their coffers full.

I issue the following challenge to all professed Christians.

Boycott your traditional church for a while and visit other churches. Financially support other ministries and pastors that you find are teaching and preaching the authentic gospel message of The Kingdom of GOD.  Seek God for yourself and examine the gifts and anointing of other teacher-preachers for yourself. Stop limiting your Christian growth and experience to only your local church and pastor. Put an end to the bullying! Expand the borders of your spiritual understanding and of your Christian relationships. God has not called us to be separated, divided or denominated but united as One Spiritual Body in Christ.



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