“A Personal Revelation of Deliverance”

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

A PrinceFam_Mix0022 BeforeI was once a United Methodist Pastor and I was expected to have a fiery sermon every Sunday. Sometimes I was expected to preach three times per Sunday at three different churches during which time I was enrolled in fulltime graduate studies, raising a family and undergoing treatment for a life threatening illness. It was a grueling and unfulfilling existence.

Many times, a few of my fellow United Methodist pastors and I would discuss possible messages for the upcoming Sunday services. More often than not, many sermons were shared among us. Some copied other folk’s sermons and preached them as their own.

We were sometimes encouraged to use the United Methodist Lectionary for the purpose of discovering a scripture text and developing a sermon topic. Many sermons were created out of our collaborative creative imaginations. I can testify for myself that many sermons were no more than motivational speeches and…

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