“For Who and For What Do You Preach?”

“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"


The Word of God_zps8

I heard a sermon the other day where the Pastor talked against buying lottery tickets, drinking alcohol and tattooing our bodies. He taught passionately about staying away from worldly vices. However, he was not as responsible and passionate about teaching his flock the one true way to be saved. He did not teach them how to become the One True Church – The Body of Christ. No! He invited listeners to become a part their “church.” I believe the quote was that…

“You can come by letter or on your ‘Christian experience’ or as a ‘candidate’ for baptism.”

Parenthetically speaking, the preachers these days seem to preach for a positive response – to get the congregation to applaud and agree with them and therefore be pleased with them.

The Pastor never emphasized the eternal Commandments of God nor God’s ordained plan and command of how to properly respond to…

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