Are You A Happy Fool?

Brainwashed Soren Kierkeggard

Some folks want the power, worldly honor, respect and prestige that sometimes come with the preaching profession. Some people want to preach so bad that they will sell their souls and their integrity for the chance to preach and/or pastor.

Some will say and do anything for the privilege of preaching from a pulpit. They will refuse to teach God’s Holy and Eternal Commandments and, instead, tell funny and entertaining stories that only appear to have a Christian theme. Many have abandoned God’s “One True Way” – if they ever knew the Way – and have adopted and professed the world’s moral/politically correct agenda as The Way. They have redefined; modified and perverted (Twisted) God’s Word to fit their own sinful lifestyles and fabricated social morality. They are not agents of God nor were they sent from God but they are hired servants – slaves of institutional religion and religious philosophies – ministers of Satan.

I have experienced several pastors and preachers who have shrunk away from God’s Eternal Standard of Truth and are now preaching and teaching “church/religious” doctrines that are foreign to Christ and His Apostles. They have redefined God’s gender roles in the Church to fit their ideologies of sexual equality and fairness in the workplace. (((This Is Not of God and Cannot Be Made to Apply to His Church.)))

They have encouraged fornication and adultery in the church by sugar-coating God’s Eternal Moral Commandments and tolerating and celebrating those who violate God’s Law. (((They have baby showers in the church for single mothers. Where are the fathers? And some have openly gay choir directors, musicians and homosexual members working in the church.))) Some Pastors have a reputation of being gay themselves and some habitually participate in sexual immorality. They have spewed sweet-sounding rhetoric along with platitudes and fairy tales to convince dying souls that they are saved with only a “sinner’s prayer” or a profession of faith. They lie to folks that God’s Love Will Cover their sins without any real repentance or obedience.

Many pastors and preachers have been told the truth. I know this because I have told them along with many other “Truth Teachers.”  But they refuse to believe and thus condemn themselves. Many intentionally lie to themselves and others about God’s Command to be Believe the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, Repent, be Buried with Christ by Baptism into water in His name and receive the Holy Spirit of Promise.

It greatly disturbs me to think that it is so important for some folks to be accepted as a preacher that they would “simplify” the salvation command (Acts 2:23) into simply “believing.”  They have put countless souls on the broad path of error and in danger of Hellfire.

It sickens me to think that there are so-called pastors/preachers who are only motivated by popularity, greed, self-fulfillment, lust, power, honor and accolades. Some even skillfully and convincingly play the loving, poor, suffering, humble country preacher role so as to hide their true nature, character and financial agenda. As long as they can draw a crowd to listen to them, they are happy. As long as they are still being called as a paid guest speaker, they are content. As long as they can occupy the office of Pastor, they are considered successful. As long as they can get paid for working minimum hours and serving in a plush contemporary environment where their words carry weight and power, they are happy. As long as they can tickle folk’s ears, encourage them without rebuking their sins and get rich in the process, they are ecstatic.

Don't Judge Me

I wonder how happy they will be at the judgment seat of God when He says “Depart from me you lawless, wicked and disobedient sinners. I don’t know you and you never knew me.”

I wonder how happy they will be at the judgment seat of God when God rejects them just as they rejected His Eternal and unchanging Law and His Eternal Way of Salvation in Christ.

I wonder how happy they will be at the judgment seat of God when they discover that their 50 plus years of service in an institutional church was not in service to God but to Satan.

I wonder how happy some of those jokers will be at the judgment seat of God when they discover that their accolades, awards, degrees and time served were all for the devil and not for the glory of God.

I wonder how happy some of those Doctors of Divinity and Doctors of Religious Education will be when they discover at the Judgment seat of God that they are actually ignorant of God’s Word, Way and Will and that their credentials mean nothing to God.

I wonder how happy will those who followed these lying preacher be when they lift their eyes in hell having known the Truth but rejecting it.

How Happy Are You?

(Bishop O.W. Prince)

Special thanks is given to Sister Dori Trammell of Ohio.  It was one of her FaceBook posts that inspired this post.  Thank you my most beloved Sister and Friend.

Copyright © Othealor W. Prince 07/2013
All Rights Reserved


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.


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