“Pray About It More Than You Talk About It”

1 Peter 5_7 Cast cares

Most people would agree that a garbage dump is where trash, waste, rubbage and refuse are discarded as useless materials. It is where dead, decaying and noxious things are found.

Some people are virtual garbage collectors. They collect rubbish, waste and noxious things and attempt to dump them off on us the first chance that they get. They can’t speak to us three seconds without dumping some mess onto us that they collected from someone else. They have been busy since early in the day collecting bits of stinky, smelly, rotten, rancid and putrid garbage [i.e. gossip, bad news, worries and fears] and now their hearts are ripe and full to burst forth onto us if we would but lend them an ear to hear what juicy things they have to say.

It is no wonder that those of us who are the saints of God and who are praising the Lord do not want to spend too much time in the company of those who always seem to be full of rotten, sickly, disturbing and discouraging conversation.  Their spirit is contrary to our Spirit. Their atmosphere is thick with the smell of decay, death, hopelessness, anxiety, faithlessness and pain. Their attitude is one where they feel that it is our obligation to have them dump all of the mess that they have collected onto us. We are just supposed to stand there and take it. To do otherwise would make us a bad person or an unsympathetic person or a person not interested in the stinky, smelly trash that is being offered as news to us.

And if we are so unfortunate as to become engaged in their delusional ranting and garbage slinging; if we allow the aroma of their putrid conversation to get into our spirit, then our spirits will smell like theirs and our whole hearts will be tainted from the experience.

let go

Now you are agitated, irritated, frustrated, upset, argumentative, combative, easily insulted and short tempered all because someone dumped their sickening garbage on you and infected you with their illness. Now you are spiritually sick.

Protect Your Peace! Protect Your Spirit! Protect the Anointing!

Here is a suggestion for lovingly addressing those who seem to market in trashy, newsy, stinky dead things.  Maybe they don’t know any better or maybe they think that they are doing someone a service by repeating the troubles and tribulations of others.  Therefore, offer them the sweet perfume of prayer and end their nauseating conversation with the divine medication of faith filled prayer.

Prayer changes-things-black

Sometimes talking about a problem is needed.  There are times when talking and sharing can help heal and decompress really stressful and burdensome situations.  However, be careful that Christian counseling and faith sharing doesn’t turn into just another garbage dumping expedition. Carefully evaluate what is being said.  Listen to the Holy Spirit that dwells inside of you.  If the Holy Spirit is grieved by the conversation, this is your best indication that something unholy is in the midst.  Be sure that it is not garbage that is being dumped on you. Guard your divine Spirit from the atmosphere, smell and stain of unbelief found in the refuse of sinful human gossip, speculation, worry, waste, fear and ultimately unbelief.


Prayer Changes Things, People and Circumstances.


Psalm-55_4-8-22 Cast Cares on Lord 1

Don’t become a garbage collector nor a person who dumps garbage on others.  But instead, become a prayer facilitator and assist someone in discovering that they can cast all their cares on the LORD in prayer for He cares for them.  We only make things worse by talking too much about it .  Ultimately, God is the only One in control and He is the only One who can do anything about the mess that we are talking about anyway.  Give it to Him.  He is the only One who can work a miracle in the middle of a mess.


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