“This Little Light of Mine”–A SABBATH DAY MESSAGE

This Little Light of Mine

I don’t know whether you’ve thought of this or not. But everyone wants to be viewed favorably and in the best possible light. No one wants their dirty past and former mistakes brought up at every opportunity. Nobody wants their failings and shortcomings to cast a shadow over their bright sunny day. If at all possible, everyone wants to be known at their best. And everyone wants to be remembered when they were on top of things and at their zenith of integrity, character and success. No one wants to be known or remembered as a loser, a failure or a miserable and distressed human being. Everyone wants to be known in their most positive light. Everyone desires to be viewed in a complimentary way.

As I pondered these thoughts, it occurred to me that Christians are challenged and commanded to let our lights so shine among men that they may see our “good works” and glorify The Father which is in Heaven.

We are to “shine” brightly in our deportment, language and attitude regardless of the tribulations or circumstances that we are going through so that the Father is glorified.

This is “good works.”

We are to let our holiness, our trust in God, our obedience to God’s commandments and our confidence in God’s promises shine through our stormy weather and wilderness experiences so that the world may see our “good works” and see how glorious and awesome our God is to us.

This is “good works.”

We are to make the Sacrifice of Praise and we are to honor Father God in the Name that is exalted above every name so that the world may attest to the fact that Jesus Christ is LORD to the Glory of God the Father.

This is “good works.”

This little light of mine, I am going to let it shine.

How is your light shinning today?

~ O.W. Prince (May 23, 2014 @ 12:18 P.M.)

THIS LITTLE LIGHT reason-to-shine


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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