Here is a divine lesson that I’ve learned over the years and was recently reminded of.

Nothing works unless God allows it to work. Nothing man-made functions as it is designed and purposed to function without first being empowered by The FATHER to do so.

Therefore, do not trust in things, vehicles, money, medicines, doctors, hospitals, lawyers, law enforcement officers, family or friends. And especially don’t put your trust in the government. But trust in the LORD. It is He Who Is Faithful In All Things and It Is He Who Causes All Things To Work, Function, Perform, Act And Behave For Our Good; To Bring About An Expected End In Our Favor.

I first learned this when I was very young (about 10 or 11 years old) and hospitalized with severe asthma and lung infection. The doctors and their medicines could not save me. Nothing they tried worked. The family was called in to prepare them for my eventual and immanent departure from this life. My mother told me that I was going to have to go home. I thought that she meant that I was going home with her and dad. Then we prayed and I feel asleep. I was in and out of consciousness all through the night. But when I awoke the next morning, to the amazement of the nurses and doctors as well as my parents, miraculously the fever was broken, I could breathe much easier and I got out of the hospital bed and stood at the door of my hospital room and asked for my breakfast tray. I was unable to eat for days but now I was hungry and asking for food. No one could explain what had happened but I knew that it was the LORD who brought me out and delivered me from the hands of death and empowered the medicines to start working as they were purposed.

Let us never forget that God Is In Control Of Everything! Even In What Seems To Be Chaos And Confusion, God Is In Control. Even In What Seems To Be A Hopeless Situation, God Is In Control. Even When The Professionals Have Given Up On You And All Human Efforts Fail, God Is In Control. When It Looks As If You Are Messed Up And Can’t Get Up, Let Me Encourage You To Keep Looking Up For God Is In Control. And It Is The Father’s Good Will To Cause All Things To Work Out For Our Good.

Therefore, Do Not Put Your Trust In Men, Women, Money, Knowledge, Education, Status, Prestige, Position, Political Power, Machinery, Technology or Any Such Thing.

If Anything Is Going To Work, It Is Going To Work By God’s Permission And In His Plan And Order For Our Lives.

So That No One Gets It Twisted, I’ll Make It Simple and Plain.

There is no such thing as “Letting God have control.”  He Is In Control! Period! We can willingly go where he leads us or we can go fighting but we will go.  In addition, nothing that we plan or create or imagine will work without God’s permission.

All Glory, Praise, Honor, Recognition and Credit Belongs To God The FATHER in the name of Christ The LORD Because GOD IS IN CONTROL!

~ Bishop O.W. Prince

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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