Straight Talk and Uncompromising Truth

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I usually try not to say anything about what a person may wear or have on out in public. However, by wearing it out in “public” there is no expectation of privacy or protection from someone else’s assessment of what we have on.

Thus we receive comments like, “That really looks good on you” or “That is a nice suit” or “Child you really look good in that.” [You get the picture.] We love to hear how other people like what we have on. We don’t mind receiving compliments. But we have to learn to take the good with the bad.

I have noticed that there is a lot said about wearing our pants below our hips and exposing our buttocks. There have been preachers, teachers and politicians speaking out against this fashion trend without ever coming under the judgment of being too harsh or too judgmental. Most people agree that the pants need to be pulled up. But let’s see how we react to what I am about to point out here.

I am tired of seeing women out in public in their skin-tight sheer pantyhose (leggings) without any covering over it, exposing their behinds and private areas, sometimes without any panties on underneath. Some may think that it is fine and dandy and that this is their prerogative. And that I should not judge. But let me be clear. I am not judging. It is their lack of self-respect and judgment that has drawn my attention. If you feel differently, that is your right.  As for me, I find it revolting, vulgar, ungodly and indecent, especially when children are around. You might as well be naked in many instances. Whether the curves or small and tight as a drum or as large, bumpy and rough as a cantaloupe and jiggles like Jell-O, the details of the sensual parts of your body should be reserved for somewhere else and not exhibited in public like a __ __ __ __ __.

Now on the other hand, I recognize that those who aren’t saved and filled with God’s Holy Spirit have nothing to keep them holy or to convict them of their ungodly, promiscuous, provocative behavior. So their dress apparel is just representative of the condition of their souls – souls that are preoccupied with sexiness, sexuality, sexual gratification and sinful lust. Now I know that this description doesn’t apply to everyone. Some just don’t know any better and needed someone to tell them better. Well, you’ve been told.

I contend that what I just wrote is no more or no less righteous than those who write against sagging pants.
(Keeping It Real)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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