Which God are You Serving?

Bible Devotions: Words of Faith, Hope and Love

Which God are You Serving - Saintintraining.net

What do we envision when we think about an idol? Usually we imagine an image carved out of wood, melted from iron or molded from clay overlaid with silver and gold. The truth is anything or anyone that we esteem, reverence, praise or love more than God can become an idol.

This is not only true for the world in general but it is also true for Christians.

We may not have an image in our homes or churches but what about the person we have placed upon a pedestal, thinking of them more highly than we ought to? Placing them on the same level with God is to make them an idol.  Perhaps that person is a Man of God, or a sister or brother in Christ who seems to be on a spiritual level that we haven’t yet reached. If we’re not careful we can come dangerously close…

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