False-Prophets-john-matthew-jeremiah [Re-posted from my FaceBook wall]

My heart and Spirit are distraught at what I had to listen to from some very powerful, well-known and famous local Pastors. Some were actually bragging about their ability to get their congregations to buy them Mercedes, Lexus, luxurious homes, tailored suites and provide them with lots of cash.

Other were bragging about their educational degrees and the power they have in their churches and organizations to sit other preachers down, close doors of opportunities for other preachers to pastor as well their power to help those who bend to their will (KISS THEIR BEHINDS).

Then there are those church members who knows the hypocrisy and immorality that really goes on with their Pastors but still insists upon supporting their ministries and their money-making schemes.

WOW! This makes me sick and explains why a lot of folks would rather stay outside of the church than attend a church.

Well, I would like to share the Word of God with those folks who have been injured and misled by false teachers and corrupt preachers.  I would like to teach them how to become the Church of Christ instead of going to a false church that pretends to be about Christ. Tune into the O.W. Prince Ministries’ Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio and hear what the Spirit is saying unto His Church.

Visit the archives and listen to previously recorded broadcasts. Keep Looking Up!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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